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Sustainable Swimwear Helps Protect the Environment

When you wear a Lia Sahara swimsuit this summer, you’ll be doing more than making a fashion statement. Our eco-friendly swimwear is made using the finest quality Italian sustainable, 100% recycled fabrics achieved by recycling PET plastic bottles and more!

Fashion and Swimwear Brands Need to Do Better

Less than 1% of clothing is recycled into new garments. The fashion industry generates 13 kilograms of waste for every person on the planet! To put that into perspective, imagine a landfill the size of France filled with discarded clothing and textiles. The fashion industry currently is not just wasteful it is also rapacious, taking ever-increasing volumes of natural materials that require land, water, oil, and chemicals and polluting and releasing greenhouse gases in production.

If sustainable swimwear brands and fashion brands were to use more recycled nylon fibers, recycled plastic bottles, and other recycled materials, we could reduce the amount of waste that our industry generates and become more ethical brands!

A Sustainable Brand

While our passion for fashion and swimwear is infinite, our planet’s natural resources are not. For this reason, we feel a strong commitment to doing our part in reducing ocean waste and using sustainable materials.

Our sustainable swimsuits are made from 100% recycled materials that are ethically produced in our Milan Atelier. However, we believe being an eco-conscious company is more than just using recycled plastic bottles and materials.

Sustainable Fabrics for Sustainable Swimwear

Our hi-tech revolutionary, recycled eco-friendly PL fabric is made from pre and post-consumer waste. By doing this, we keep non-biodegradable materials like plastic from going into landfills and the ocean.

It is engineered to be ultra chlorine and sunblock/oil resistant and to provide UV protection (USPF 50+). Its premier recycled polyester yarn combined with a soft touch and 4-way stretch means it feels as good as it performs. It features muscle control, shape retention, and much more! It’s a fabric choice you can feel good about.

For every kg of yarn used to produce 4 meters of sustainable fabric for our swimwear line, 48 bottles are recycled; thus, every kg of yarn from PET bottles used, prevents 1,75 kg of carbon emissions to be released into the atmosphere!

Sustainable Fashion

By creating high-quality and timeless designs, we hope our versatile swimwear collection will encourage our customers to keep using their timeless garments and simply increase their collection of suits and accessories. This allows for there to be less waste and fewer swimsuits being thrown away each year.

So instead of following trends, we urge our customers to continue using their swimsuits and accessorizing them in new ways. This helps our customers’ pockets, but also reduces waste and has a big impact on our planet.

Sustainable Packaging

We are as vigilant about our packaging as we are about our products themselves. We research and source the most sustainable materials we can find, and we never use more than needed. That’s why you will notice our packages are as tiny as possible. We also limit the use of wrapping paper, plastic tape, and other common packaging products so that there is less plastic waste once you open your new bathing suits!

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