Shop 2-Piece Bathing Suits

Shop 2-Piece Bathing Suits
Have you been shopping for bathing suits lately? If so, then you know how hard it can be to find bathing suits that provide the perfect balance of coverage and sexiness. Thankfully, whenever it comes to finding a bathing suit that will help all women feel confident in their bathing suit this summer, we’ve cracked the code!

How Lia Sahara Bathing Suits Are Different

Just like you, we got tired of swimsuits that never fit right and brands that keep promoting self-love and confidence, yet sell suits that are not flattering to our bodies AT ALL.

At Lia Sahara, we are obsessed with the details and designing swimwear that provides a PERFECT FIT to all body types. The material hugs your curves and supports your natural body shape. Whether you are curvy, thin, tall, or petite we got you covered!

Every bathing suit style that we have created features discreet clips, where you can add accessories for a variety of different fresh and modern styles. You can even have personalized two-piece swimsuits that match for a group! Choose your two-piece bathing suit, then choose the sleeves and ruffles that you need to complete your custom look. Don’t doubt your individuality with custom two-pieces in beautiful prints and patterns at a great price!

Visit the fit guide section at the bottom of each product page to get fit tips & compatibility options to find the bathing suits that provide the perfect balance of coverage and sexiness for you this summer!

The 2-Piece Bathing Suit

A 2-piece bathing suit is great for everyday wear because it offers the most versatility of all bathing suits. With the ability to add extra coverage, depending on which tops or bottoms you are wearing, you can easily customize your two-piece suit to your level of comfort. The top can be worn with matching bottoms or with bottoms in a complementing color/pattern if you want to spice things up. For example, pairing a black bikini top with patterned bottoms gives your look that extra something special! You can also get a more sophisticated or vintage vibe with high waisted swimsuits or express your personality in different ways that you can’t with one-piece swimsuits.

Whenever it comes to two-piece bathing suits, there are a variety of options for women to choose from and ways to customize as well! Whether you’re into a triangle bikini with bikini bottoms or a longline top with high-waisted bottoms, getting full coverage or being a little cheeky, you can combine your favorite bikinis and bottoms to find your swimsuit style for a pool party or a day at the beach.

With so many options of two-piece bathing suits available, the sky’s the limit when creating a custom swimsuit that fits all your style needs.

Shop Bikinis

If you’re looking for a bathing suit that is more of an ensemble, with bikini tops and bottoms to mix and match, there are all kinds of styles available! You can choose from different strap types or even no straps at all if you want something fun and cheeky, or whether you want a high-waisted bottom or a more traditional bikini bottom. Just remember, when it comes to choosing the right bathing suits, comfort is key so take the time to review the size chart before committing to a style! Make sure your new bathing suit fits well in all the right places; this ensures that you don’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions while swimming around enjoying time by the pool. Feel comfortable in your own skin, shop bikinis. Shop Lia Sahara’s swimsuit collection and end your search today!

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