About Lia Sahara

Our Mission

Revolutionize the swimwear industry one ruffle at a time!

We aim to provide a unique swimwear experience where each woman can feel like a fashion designer every time she visits our website.

Let’s change the way women shop and use swimsuits. The fashion world tends to focus on trends and fads making you buy new swimsuits every year. Lia Sahara does not. We have created a brand of interchangeable suits and accessories that are versatile, flexible, timeless, exceptionally designed, that will always be in style.

Essential pieces combined with glamorous accessories are the way to go and the way to let your personality take the spotlight.

Let’s empower women to feel confident & beautiful in their body.

We provide hard-to-find form flattering luxury swimwear, 100% made in Italy, with the highest quality recycled fabrics available on the market combined with shapewear features that will hug & contour the everyday woman’s body in all the right places.

Our swimsuits with giant ruffles, exotic tropical patterns and bright colors will make women feel inspired and hopefully also inspire others to feel confident about their body, and also lead an eco-friendly life.

Provide the highest possible quality…​

Creating quality products we love and that will make our customers feel their best is at the core of everything we do. All our swimwear is 100% MADE IN ITALY, manufactured at a boutique atelier used by many of the high end designer labels.

Our 100% recycled fabrics are produced by the leading eco-friendly manufacturer in Italy and are all STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® CERTIFIED

…while Caring for our planet

We want to make you look great—but more importantly make you feel great. By wearing our premium line of swimsuits, we aspire to inspire beach babes all over the world to help us keep the oceans clean and reverse the damage humans have done to our planet.


Created by Women for Women = The Perfect Fit

At Lia Sahara, we pride in being a brand created by women for women. We want women to enjoy bikini shopping instead of dreading it for fear of not finding the size they need or a style that fits their unique curves in a way that makes them feel great. Beach days should be enjoyed to the fullest and a good fitting swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and fearless at the beach is exactly what every woman needs – and deserves.

We want to bring confidence and self love. That’s why our premium quality swimwear is designed for all types of women. No matter how thin, curvy, short or tall you are, you should be proud and embrace your body. We want you to be able to express your style freely and comfortably.

We design our swimsuits to feature the most flattering cuts and use the highest quality Italian-made recycled material that offer tummy control and body contouring. Our swimsuits fit like a second skin meant to feel snug and secure so you can enjoy your tropical adventures worry free and full of confidence.

We are all about Bright Colors and Tropical Patterns

Lia Sahara’s colors and patterns are inspired by the tropics. The simplicity of our designs represents how we want our human footprint reflected on the environment— minimal, clean, and tasteful — allowing the wearer to become one with the environment instead of an out-of-place visitor.

Going on a Trip?
Now you can Pack Light

One swimsuit, one bikini and a few accessories is all you need! Lia Sahara’s versatile, timeless, and fashionable designs allow travelers to shop smarter, pack lighter and always look great in our collection of swimsuits than can be worn in so many different ways. We hope our swimwear will follow you in all your adventures.

Directly from the seamstress
to your hands

All of our high-quality swimsuits are designed, manufactured and sold directly to the customer, all in house; allowing us to have a stronger hold on quality control, faster delivery times and also reduce costs as much as possible, so you get the highest quality swimwear at the best possible price.

We are Eco-Conscious

We are obsessed with our planet & we strongly believe in:


Our premium swimwear is manufactured in eco-conscious facilities in Italy that reduce material waste and use less water and energy during production. It is always produced in small batches to further eliminate waste and to reduce our carbon footprint.

In the production process, 40% in water consumption, 50% of energy and 60% in CO2 emissions are saved.


We hope this new fashion swimwear concept empowers women to change their shopping habits to a eco-friendlier lifestyle. Instead of throwing your swimsuits away every year, we hope women will focus on renewing their style by adding new key pieces to their collection, whether swimsuits or accessories, so that combined with the ones you already own, they will create completely new styles to rock at the beach. Not only does this help our planet by reducing waste, but it also helps you save money.


All our products are handmade in Italy using the highest quality recycled fabrics available on the market.

For each kg of PL fiber produced, one kg of plastic is removed from the ocean.

We also use biodegradable packaging products as much as we can and limit the amount of plastic tape, wrapping paper and other commonly used packing materials.

Visit our Sustainability page for more info on our fabrics and our sustainability efforts.

How it began

Lia Sahara is designed and operated by Camilla Polenghi, who spends her time between Miami, Milan & Roatan.

Camilla’s parents, working in swimsuit photography for most of her infant life, tagged her along endless photoshoot trips to the world’s most exotic beach destinations. From French Polynesia in the pacific to the Virgin Islands of the Caribbean, Camilla experienced firsthand from very little how the swimwear industry worked while growing a deep passion for fashion swimwear, pristine beaches and exotic destinations. So needless to say, the brand grew out of love—and obsession—for tropical adventures and endless days under the sun.

The name of our brand was inspired by Lia Sahara herself. Camilla’s daughter, now a joyous toddler who loves spending her days at the beach.